pottery workshops

Individual tuition in a small ceramics studio – come and get your hands dirty!

35 Euros/hour. This includes private instruction, materials, and two firings. After drying, trimming, and bisque firing the pieces, they can be glazed and high fired. Depending on the project or pieces, this will take two to three stages so total costs will vary. Sessions are available by request either when you’re attending a writing or yoga retreat, or you’re welcome to book any time if you’re in the area.

Maureen’s beautiful ceramics are now for sale.


Maureen with potter's mask

About Maureen

As well as teaching yoga, Maureen is a potter.

“Even as a young girl I loved playing in the garden digging and getting my hands dirty, so working with clay seemed natural when I first took a pottery class at a local arts centre while living in New York.

Falling in love with the making process and the scope of possibilities of clay as a medium, I sought out pottery classes in every place I lived: Poland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, England and, settling in France, I was finally able to open my own studio at Le Chant de la Cascade.

Her online shop is at www.lechantdelaterre.studio