Writing retreats

Come and work on your writing in a beautiful and peaceful location, with one-to-one help and advice from international award-winning author Marcus Sedgwick.

The week will allow you to work on your writing in a way that suits you. Whether you have a first draft that needs polishing, or you need time and advice to bring that first draft into the world, Marcus will be on hand to share his 20-plus years of writing experience. That experience includes writing novels for adults, teenagers, and younger readers as well as picture books for young children, and non-fiction and journalism too.

With over ten years’ experience in teaching creative writing, Marcus is adept at helping you work out where your strengths are, as well as identifying problems that are holding you back.

While many writers attending retreats have a work in progress, this week is equally suitable if you’re just starting out and need some time and a guiding hand to get you going.

About Marcus

Marcus was Author-in-Residence at Bath Spa University for three years, and regularly teaches creative writing at Arvon and Ty Newydd. He has written everything from picture books to adult novels, and non-fiction. He has reviewed for The Guardian newspaper and published articles in various other international magazines and newspapers. He has won numerous book prizes, such as the Printz Award and the Brandford-Boase Award, and has also judged numerous prizes, including the Costa Book Awards and the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize. Additionally, Marcus worked in publishing and bookselling for almost 20 years, and so can advise on the changing nature of the publishing world too.


Writing retreat

Monday 24th to Saturday 29th September 2018

According to our neighbour, Étienne, September is the most beautiful time of year in the Alps. It’s hard to disagree; the days are still long and warm, the trees start to put on a wealth of colour, the sky is blue. It feels timeless and is the perfect time to work on your writing, we think. Whether you have a first draft that needs polishing, or you just the need time and advice to bring that first draft into the world, Marcus will be on hand to advise you.

How you spend your week will be your choice – you can lock yourself in your room, and only appear for meals and conversation with the other writers, you can use one of the shared writing dens in the house, you can spend a lot of time picking Marcus’s brain, or some combination of all these things. However you choose to spend your time, Marcus will be on hand to guide you, and there’s even the chance for yoga tuition with Maureen.

The number of writers attending the retreat is small – between 4 and 7 people – so there’ll be lots of time for you to get individually-tailored help with your writing. You can use as much, or as little, of your share of Marcus’s time as you wish.

To maximise your writing time, there are no formal lessons, but if wanted, there are one-to-one tutorials with Marcus, and there’ll be a couple of informal evening sessions to discuss issues common to many writers, things like how to plot, how to develop compelling characters, how to use place in your writing – whatever people want to explore.

Writing retreats at Le Chant de la Cascade are relaxed, informal, and fun, but are designed to enable you to make serious progress with your writing; whether that’s seeing the word count go up, or working out how best to get your ideas onto paper.

20th -25th May 2019

Combined yoga and writing retreat

This week will be a combined yoga and writing retreat. Spring is beautiful in the mountains – after the long winter spring arrives in a burst of colour and surprising warmth during the rapidly lengthening days. It’s gorgeous.

There will be one formal yoga practice a day, and Maureen will be on hand to answer all your yoga questions throughout the week. There will be no formal writing lessons, leaving you free to maximise your writing time, and Marcus will be on hand to discuss, encourage and generally talk writing as much or as little as you want. He can read a sample of what you’re working on, too, if feedback is something you’re after.

More details will follow in due course but get in touch if you’re interested, here.