The ONE YOGA Retreat

Friday April 27th to Sunday April 29th 2018

more dates will follow, please check back soon

Three days.

Two teachers.
Two friends.
Two approaches to yoga.

One fantastic location.
One Yoga Retreat.

One fine day two yoga teachers who became friends during teacher training realised their skills and approaches to their practice were complimentary and that offering them during the same retreat had to be done.

We are very happy to announce that Maureen Hansman and Anita Koruth have teamed up to teach the One Yoga Retreat. Their goal is to create a single retreat that offers a whole experience: a dynamic yoga practice; a peaceful, beautiful, natural environment; a restorative yoga session; good food and comfortable accommodations. A three-day fabulous weekend in the most wonderful location is our plan for you.

Friday, April 27 to Sunday April 29, 2018

The One Yoga Retreat will be held in the French Alps, only one hour from the Geneva airport, yet surrounded by alpine forests, rivers and waterfalls.

You will be guided by two yoga teachers who approach yoga differently, yet arrive at the same place. The energetic practice and a more restorative practice each day will create a wholeness to the weekend.

Each morning will begin with a five-minute walk past the Foron waterfall to your dynamic flowing yoga practice with Maureen, afternoons will be spent exploring the stunning alpine setting if you choose to and in the evenings, a soothing practice with Anita. There will also be some time for you to spend as you wish.

You will stay at the lovely Etienne’s renovated centuries old chalet d’alpage. Stepping out the door of the chalet you will find a cedar wood Scandinavian hot tub warmed by a quiet fire and plenty of walking trails.

There's information about rooms and prices here, and general information here.

future dates: August 2019 TBC

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Maureen is a qualified and insured yoga teacher and potter. She has practiced many styles of yoga over 17 years, incorporating that experience into her teaching. Her classes are welcoming, relaxed but challenging, and accommodate all levels of experience.

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Anita is an NHS GP, yoga teacher and NLP practitioner. She has a particular interest in relaxation and wellbeing. Her classes incorporate respectful movement along with breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques. She uses NLP to help people explore issues in their lives and create change.

Embraced by nature, nurtured by your yoga practice and nourished by good food, the One Yoga Retreat will leave you feeling both energised and relaxed. Luminous. Sattvic.